Temporary Clinic Closure

Due to COVID-19 health concerns appointments with Jill Kelly, LAc, Mary Helen Robert, LAc, and Rachel Sims, LMT at Acupuncture Center are being cancelled until 13 April or further notice. Concerns for the greater good for all have brought this difficult decision. If products are needed text 423.309.5234 and arrangements can be made for pickup or USPS shipping. You may reschedule online or call 423.843.3700 to reschedule or speak with your practitioner about any questions. Your understanding is appreciated. Take care, wash hands, practice social distancing, disinfect common surfaces, exercise, eat well, take your enzymes, get outside when you can, get your rest, sleep well, maintain a positive mental attitude, stay connected by emails, phone or video calls, minimize screen time, get some things done around home that give you feelings of accomplishment, keep a level head and love in your heart. Well wishes to you and yours! Hope to see you soon.


As a healing art, interest and research in acupuncture is rapidly growing in the United States (although it has been widely known throughout the Eastern World and Europe).  As much as 5000 years ago, the Chinese began to discover certain points on the body which offered specific beneficial effects when treated.  These well-defined points have now been proven scientifically to exhibit decreased skin resistance.  As study and practice continued an entire system of Oriental Medicine developed emphasizing treatment of the whole person since all aspects of health are intimately connected.  Oriental Medicine historically combines acupuncture, moxibustion, exercise, spiritual health, and nutrition.

*Dietary and nutritional supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. For medical advice, consult a physician.